The major recommendations and restrictions in force in Kalajoki on 18 December 2020

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The Oulu Region, including Kalajoki, is currently in the spreading phase of the coronavirus epidemic. This summary contains the recommendations and restrictions in force in Kalajoki related to the coronavirus situation.
The restrictions apply until 18 January 2021, unless indicated otherwise.

Public facilities of the City of Kalajoki

Sports facilities

The education and culture committee decides on the sports facilities.

  • The ice hall and the indoor sports facilities owned by the City of Kalajoki, including the sports facilities of schools, will be closed to sports and recreational activities until 18 January 2021.
  • The City recommends SaniFani spa to close its doors until 18 January 2021.
  • Private operators are recommended to suspend operations at sports facilities according to the guidelines of the City.
  • Outdoor sports and recreational activities may be continued in compliance with the coronavirus-related restrictions and guidelines. The maximum group size is 10 persons.
  • Kalajoki Academy will arrange outdoor events with virtual guidance for individuals or groups.

Cultural facilities

This matter will be decided on by the education and culture committee.

  • Virta-Sali, Kahvila Kirja, Ventelä house, museums and exhibition facilities will be closed until 18 January 2021.
  • The spring semester of the Adult Education Centre will start when the restrictions end.
  • The Music School continues to provide individual teaching in compliance with the coronavirus-related restrictions.
  • Operations at the Youth Centres will continue with a maximum group size of 10 persons. All participants must wear face masks.
  • Event activities at the libraries will be suspended until 18 January 2021. The children’s treasure hunt will be implemented as agreed before the opening of the libraries for groups of max. 10 persons.
    • The libraries are open for quick transactions. Customers are expected to pick up the books to be borrowed and leave the premises.
    • Face mask usage is a requirement for all persons using library services.
    • For risk groups, an option to use a book bag pick-up service will be offered. Please call the number + 358 44 4691 289.
    • Opening hours will be restricted as follows until 18 January 2021:
      • The Main Library: Mon and Thu 10:00-20:00, Tue, Wed and Fri 10:00-16:00, Sat closed
      • Himanka: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 12:00-19:00, Fri 11:00-16:00, Sat closed
    • The operations of the mobile library will be suspended until 18 January 2021.

The City Hall

The City Hall will be closed for the period between 2 December 2020 and 18 January 2021. The City Hall’s transaction instructions can be found through this link.


Education services

Kalajoki Upper Secondary School

  • Kalajoki Upper Secondary School will continue in distance learning until 18 January 2021.
    • Industrial ready-to-eat portions will be distributed to upper secondary school students according to orders from 4.1.2021 onwards (for a week at once).

Comprehensive education (grades 1-9)

  • Comprehensive education will be arranged more loosely until 18 January 2021.
    • Tynkä and Rautio will use their sports facilities as extra space.
    • Raumankari Comprehensive School will use the former town hall and Sautinsali as extra space, as they did in spring.
    • Merenoja Comprehensive School
      • The 2nd grades will be moved to the Marttilantie (former Pohjankylä School) container huts, to where the pupils will walk from Merenoja School.
      • The 3rd grades will be moved to Vuorenkallio School. Extension transports will be arranged from Merenoja to Vuorenkallio and back.
      • As for the other grades, the vacant facilities of the Upper Secondary school will be utilised.
    • The pupils will stay in the same space for the entire day, the teachers will circulate across the facilities.
    • Meals will be arranged on a staggered schedule, with tables reserved for particular classes.
    • Indoor sports facilities will be closed to group exercise.
    • The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL recommends that all pupils of upper comprehensive schools (grades 7-9) use a face mask in the spreading phase of the coronavirus epidemic. The City provides each upper comprehensive school pupil with 4 masks a day.
  • Education services personnel are recommended to wear a face mask or a visor. The protective equipment will be provided by the employer.

Morning/afternoon activities

  • Morning and afternoon activities will continue normally.

Jedu Kalajoki and Kalajoki Christian College

  • Jedu Kalajoki and Kalajoki Christian College will continue in distance learning unti 18 January 2021.


Early childhood education services

  • Early childhood education services will continue in the current premises.
  • Parents must wear a mask when bringing / picking up their children.
  • In Marttilantie, early childhood education pupils will have lunch in the cells, while comprehensive education pupils (grade 2) will have lunch in the dining room in groups.
  • The personnel is advised to use protective equipment as in education services.
  • Private early childhood education service providers are advised to comply with the aforementioned instructions.


Home care and day centre activities

  • The service coordination unit’s telephone helpline is available from Mondays to Thursdays at 9-10, tel. +358 44 4691 595
  • Day centre activities will continue in groups of 10 persons at maximum in compliance with the coronavirus-related instructions.

Housing services and inpatient ward

  • The housing service units and the inpatient ward should not be visited.
  • Visits must be agreed on in advance with the personnel, and the coronavirus-related instructions must be adhered to.

Visits at senior housing service units

(Senior Centre Mäntyrinne, Service Centre Maininki and satellite unit Kaarnakoti, Service Centre Salmenranta and Iltarusko)

  • In relation to visits, we follow the instructions of the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District and our infectious diseases physician.
  • The safety of our residents is our first priority
  • We primarily recommend that relatives visit the residents to take them outdoors. The time of the outdoor activity can be directly agreed on with the nurses.
  • With the weather becoming colder, the units have provided for a separate meeting room/facility, in which one or two relatives can safely meet the resident.
  • Meetings are to be agreed in advance, preferably 2 days before, by contacting the ward manager / the responsible nurse on Mon-Fri at 8:00-12:00. In connection with the call, the safety of the visit is ensured.
  • The recommended meeting time is between 13:00 and 18:00, and the maximum duration of the visit is half an hour to give us time for interim cleaning between the meetings.
  • Visitors are requested to consider that visits are not allowed in the following cases:
    • if you have travelled anywhere abroad during the last two weeks;
    • if you have been ordered to self-isolate due to a coronavirus infection or to quarantine due to an exposure;
    • if you have lately been in close contact with infected people;
    • if you have even mild symptoms of an infectious disease (cough, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat or muscle pain, fever, changes in the sense of smell or taste, diarrhoea or other stomach symptoms). You must have been symptomless for two weeks.
    • It is recommended that people avoid visiting older people and those who are part of risk groups for 10 days after participating in an event where the risk of exposure to the coronavirus is heightened. Such events include public events, hobby activities, restaurant visits, etc.
  • At the front door, the visitor will receive a surgical mask, protective gloves, hand sanitiser and a briefing from the personnel.
  • In the case of terminal care, visits are to be agreed individually with the ward manager.
  • If the epidemic situation changes, the visiting guidelines can be modified according to need even at short notice.

Let us jointly ensure the safety and well-being of our residents!

Reservation of the meeting facility:

  • Senior Centre Mäntyrinne, tel. +358 44 4691 280, Päivi Sarpola
  • Service Centre Maininki and satellite unit Kaarna, tel. +358 44 4691 827, Anne Kurikkala
  • Service Centre Salmenranta, tel. +358 44 4691 733, Anu Järvimäki
  • Iltarusko, tel. +358 44 4691 235, Tuula Hiekka


Services for families and children

  • Services will continue normally based on booked times. Face masks must be used in meetings.
  • Masks will be distributed to low-income people from the social services office and from Himanka service office.
  • The Evangelical Free Church arranges food distribution.
  • Persons in coronavirus or exposure quarantine will be assisted in necessary matters, if the persons’ own social network is unable to meet the needs. Tel. +358 44 4691 716


Operations and services unaffected by the restrictions will be continued normally.


Remote work and remote meetings

  • All employees must work remotely insofar as possible.
  • Remote meeting policies must be implemented as extensively as possible both at workplaces and for leisure meetings.


Private events

Private events should not be held. Small-scale memorials constitute an exception to the above recommendation.


Public events

The number of participants at public events indoors and outdoors is limited to 10 persons by the decision of the Regional State Administrative Agency. This also concerns religious services and ceremonies.


Mask recommendations

Face mask usage recommended for all persons aged 15 and over.

  • At all times in public transport and other public means of transport (such as taxis).
  • At public events and facilities, such as stores and banks.
  • At workplaces for all contact workers in all meetings and when moving about at the workplace.
  • When using the City’s services, such as libraries or social and healthcare services.
  • At secondary and higher education institutions, including upper secondary schools.
  • For parents at early childhood education facilities, for example when bringing or picking up children.
  • For early childhood education and other comprehensive education personnel indoors insofar as possible. Especially for persons moving across different locations in their work.
  • For social service and healthcare personnel in patient and client work. The recommendation also applies to patients, family members, students and visitors.
  • When seeking out coronavirus testing and before receiving the result, if going outside is indispensable.
  • When entering Finland from a risk area and moving from the entry point to quarantine, or in cases in which going outside is indispensable during the quarantine.
  • For upper comprehensive school pupils during the school day.
  • In other situations in which close contact cannot be avoided.


The valid restrictions on restaurants and alcohol-licensed premises can be found through this link.