Tradional Russian New Year’s play available

Venäjänkielinen esityksen kansikuva

Christmas fairy tale in 1 act "Old Mother Frost"
Based on the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and Russian folk tales.

This play is part of the Russian Culture Week. It is unit cultural project between the City of Kalajoki and Ryazan Regional Drama Theatre. The play is in Russian, but you can watch it even without Russian language skills.

Stage Director – Maxim Larin
Stage designer – Natalia Bokova

Leaving for a long journey, the merchant Emelyan gave his daughter Alyonushka a spindle, and ordered her to learn how to spin and teach her sister Feklusha. Alyonushka learned to spin soon, and her stepsister, Feklusha, does not like to study or work, but likes to walk around the fair and buy herself new clothes.

Hardworking, kind Alyonushka does all the work around the house, waiting the father from a long journey. But her stepmother offends her a lot, and the stepsister plays tricks. She threw Alyonushka’s spindle into the well, and Alyonushka found herself in the Kingdom of Old Mother Frost.

What adventures the kind and caring Alyonushka had to go through, how she was assisted by a magic stove and a magic apple tree – you can find out if you will watch our fairy tale.