Traffic increased by almost 16% in the Port of Kalajoki

Kalajoen sataman tuonti ja vienti kasvanut voimakkaasti.

The amount of traffic passing through the Port of Kalajoki increased strongly during the first third of the year. The increase was a total of 15.5 percent compared to last year.

Import and export through the Port of Kalajoki continue to grow steadily. ‘This tells us that the Port of Kalajoki is considered to be a reliable and good cooperation partner even during challenging times,’ says Managing Director Pauli Sarpola of the Port of Kalajoki.

The Port of Kalajoki’s development has been better than the national level despite the challenging economic situation. Compared to last year, foreign freight traffic in Finnish ports decreased by 7.7% with regard to imports and increased by 2.8% with regard to exports in January–March 2016.

In January–April, overall freight traffic at the Port of Kalajoki totalled 156,150 tonnes (+15.5%), of which exports accounted for 109,555 tonnes (+16.1%) and imports for 45,843 tonnes (+16.3%). Timber accounted for 165,423 m3 (+22%) of all exports. Compared to last year, timber exports increased by 8% on a national level in January–March 2016. The share of imports grew due to the increased import of animal feed as well as project shipments intended for the wind farm projects in the area.

The Port of Kalajoki had 43 visits (+10%) from ships in January–April, and the net tonnage of the ships totalled 155,192 tonnes (+33%). This is the third year in a row that the size of ships has grown, but this growth has not decreased the number of visits by ships to the Port of Kalajoki due to the increased amount of traffic.


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