Updated coronavirus instructions 17.5.2021-30.5.2021

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In the end of last week there has occurs several infection and exposure chains in Kalajoki, which are related to the so called Kokkola infection chains.

During week 19, a total of 4 infections were discovered in Kalajoki. These infections have taken place in a private event and within families. These have led to mass exposures in various schools in Kalajoki. Mass exposures have also occurred among the youth in Himanka.

At least some of the people have been exposed to the ‘Indian variant’, which has proven to be significantly more transmissible.

The health authorities in Kalajoki have worked together with Soite. Additionally, the situation has been discussed with Oulu University Hospital’s Department of Infection Control, which steers the operations in Northern Ostrobothnia.  As a result of this discussion, the City of Kalajoki’s Readiness Management Group has decided to implement the following measures. All measures will remain valid 17 May 2021–30 May 2021, unless otherwise decreed.


  • Health authorities will contact the people to be placed in exposure quarantine on 17 May 2021. The number of the exposed people will be specified during the day.
    • The health authorities recommend a voluntary quarantine to
    • 7th–9th grade pupils, teachers and classroom assistants of Merenoja Comprehensive School
    • 7th–9th grade pupils of Raumankari Comprehensive School
    • students and teachers of Kalajoki Upper Secondary School
    • pupils, teachers and other school personnel of Rautio School.
  • Instructions to people in voluntary quarantine:
    • People in voluntary quarantine cannot meet with anyone outside their own family.
    • The exposed persons CANNOT meet with each other, either. For example, classmates cannot see each other.
    • Visits to the homes of people in voluntary quarantine are not recommended.
    • All unnecessary visits outside home should be avoided.
    • A negative test result does not repeal the quarantine recommendation.
    • The family members of people in voluntary quarantine can continue their daily lives as normal. However, avoiding unnecessary social contacts is also recommended for them.
  • If you have even minor symptoms that could be related to a COVID-19 infection, stay at home in voluntary quarantine and go get tested.

Recommendations related to assemblies 17 May 2021–30 May 2021

  • Organising private indoor events with more than 10 people is not recommendedOutdoors, the recommended maximum size for private events is 20 people.If social distancing is not possible, masks should be worn also in smaller events. Special attention should be paid to the size of the premises in order to allow social distancing. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in the area, the recommendations deviate from the decisions of regional authorities.
  • We recommend avoiding close contact with people outside your own family as well as public events.
  • Avoiding large crowds and not spending time in shopping centres, for example, are recommended to decrease the number of social contacts. It is recommended that people at high-risk groups, either due to their age or some underlying condition, exercise special caution.

Education services and early childhood education

  • The pupils of the following classes will be taught remotely 17 May–30 May 2021:
    • 7th–9th grade pupils of Merenoja Comprehensive School
    • 7th–9th grade pupils of Raumankari Comprehensive School
    • students of Kalajoki Upper Secondary School
    • pupils of Rautio School
  • It is recommended that all secondary level teaching be held remotely.
  • Morning coaching activities and schools’ club activities will be on hold until the end of the spring term.
  • No changes will occur in early childhood education. If the child is in family day care, and the family has someone in quarantine, substitute care must be arranged for the child in another daycare facility.
  • You will be informed separately of matters related to the school meals of pupils in remote teaching.

Group hobby activities

  • All hobby group activities for children and adults, both indoors and outdoors, will be put on hold.
  • We strongly recommend not taking any trips to sports games and matches.

The city owned public facilities

  • The swimming hall and spa facility will be closed 17 May 2021–30 May 2021.
  • Youth facilities, libraries, museums and similar institutes will be closed 17 May 2021–30 May 2021.
  • Ohjaamo, Virtaamo, Työllisyyden kuntakokeilu and Jelppiverkko offer customer service currently only remotely.

Mask recommendation

Wearing a face mask is recommended to everyone over the age of 12, including those who have already been vaccinated, in the following situations:

  • in public areas, such as stores and other facilities outside home
  • in public transport (such as school transport) and when transporting people in high-risk groups
  • in secondary schools (vocational schools and upper secondary schools), institutes of higher education and universities in the area
  • in the upper stage comprehensive schools in the area
  • in the lower stage comprehensive schools in the area (for pupils over the age of 12 in 5th and 6th grades)
  • when going to get tested for COVID-19
  • when returning to Finland from a high-risk country.
  • You can also wear a face mask in any other situation where social distancing is not possible.

Remote Work

  • We recommend working remotely as extensively as possible.
  • The City of Kalajoki will continue its remote meeting policy and recommends its personnel to continue working remotely.
  • Separate break times, maintaining social distancing and wearing face masks during social contact with others are recommended at workplaces.

Protecting senior citizens and high-risk groups

  • Special attention should still be paid to protecting senior citizens and high-risk groups.
  • When visiting the inpatient ward and housing service unit, the separate instructions issued by the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) must be followed. Always agree on the visit with the operational unit in question before visiting.

Traveling recommendations

  • We recommend avoiding all unnecessary travelling.

Instructions for travellers arriving from abroad

  • The following border security instructions must be followed:
    • if you are arriving from a high-risk country, you will need to present a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test or a statement of previous infection at the border control point and after 72 hours, or
    • alternatively, a 14-day voluntary quarantine
  • If an infectious diseases physician has ordered a person to quarantine, a negative test result will not end their quarantine. The decision to end the quarantine will require a doctor’s statement.