Updated instructions regarding the coronavirus epidemic


A summary of the updated instructions and recommendations regarding the coronavirus epidemic, 12 October 2020.

The length of a quarantine is shortened to 10 days starting from 12 October 2020

Voluntary quarantine and quarantine ordered by an infectious disease doctor is shortened from the previous 14 days to 10 days. The change applies to quarantines ordered after 12 October 2020. A quarantine means restricting the freedom of movement of a healthy person suspected of having been exposed to a generally hazardous communicable disease. All contacts with outsiders must be avoided during the quarantine.

The length of the isolation period in mild coronavirus infections is shortened to 7 days starting from 12 October 2020

Isolation means keeping a patient with a disease away from healthy people. In cases of mild coronavirus infections that do not lead to hospitalisation, the isolation period at home is shortened from 14 days to seven days. However, home isolation must not end until the symptoms have been gone for two days. Isolation does not need to be continued if symptoms are limited either to changes in the sense of smell or sense of taste, or to a mild dry cough. In serious infections requiring hospital care, the minimum isolation period is still 14 days at minimum.

Wearing a mask

Face masks are used at all social and health care units of the City of Kalajoki. In addition to the personnel, the clients of the units, their family members and other visitors must also wear a mask. The mask recommendation applies to everyone over the age of 15. You should put on the mask already before entering the premises. There are also masks available for the clients visiting the units. Do not take masks home with you; this way we can ensure that there are enough masks for everyone.

Recommendation for remote work

The City of Kalajoki has issued a recommendation for remote work for its personnel on 5 October 2020. The Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District recommends remote work throughout the whole region in order to limit the spread of the epidemic.

Testing and appointments

In the Kalajoki area, the testing of those with coronavirus symptoms has been centralised at the drive-in testing station in the city centre. The resources of the Himanka infection appointment unit are reserved for the treatment of clients who need a doctor’s or a nurse’s appointment. Making an appointment and the assessment of the need for treatment are still done by phone at the number: +358 (0) 44 4691 502. DO NOT come to the Kalajoki Health Centre if you have any symptoms related to the coronavirus.