Comprehensive schools

Basic education comprises education for years 1–9, support for learning and growth, club activities at schools and morning and afternoon activities for pupils. The planning and practical implementation of club activities is the responsibility of Kalajoki Academy in cooperation with schools. There are also morning and afternoon activities available for pupils.

The role of basic education is to nurture and educate. The aim is to support the growth of the pupils as individuals and members of society and teach them the necessary information and skills. The goals of basic education are determined in the national core curriculum, the City of Kalajoki’s curriculum for basic education prepared based on the national core curriculum, and the schools’ annual plans.

Pupils attend their local school, which is based on their place of residence. The following kilometre limits apply to school transport:

  • for years 0 – 2 the limit is 3 km 
  • for years 3 – 9 the limit is 5 km.

Schools in Kalajoki

Merenoja Comprehensive School

  • Years 1 – 9
  • Principal Mia Rytky

Raumankari Comprehensive School

  • Years 1 – 9
  • Principal Anna-Maria Palo 

Rautio School

  • Years 1 – 6
  • Pre-school group
  • Principal Simo Törnvall

Tynkä Regional School

  • Years 1 – 6
  • Pre-school group
  • Head teacher Marena Hannula