Courses and hobbies

Courses and hobbies

Adult Education Centre provides its students with well-being and competence

The Kalajoki Adult Education Centre has been involved in free educational work for more than 50 years. Adult education centres are open to all and allow learning new things and skills. We offer courses in arts and crafts, music, languages and sports. The Centre aims to keep the prices of all hobby groups and courses affordable.

The adult education centre is an educational institution owned by the City that receives central government transfers. Its role is to provide the residents of the city with activities, opportunities for self-study, and teaching that supports the needs of working life and helps maintain and promote physical fitness.

More information about the available courses can be found on the City’s website (in Finnish) and on the centre’s own website Follow the notifications.

Course fees

The course fee is stated in the description of each course. The price is usually based on the course’s number of lessons and the course’s length. The course payment will cover the entire school year or, for shorter courses, the entire course. People belonging to certain special groups are partly exempt from the course fees.

The students will pay for any study books and other equipment and materials by themselves. Half of the total price will be charged from students only participating in the spring term, and no other discounts will be granted to them. The porcelain firing charge of €25 is not included in the course payment. If the course payment is €100 or more, it will be invoiced in two instalments: the first instalment in the autumn and the second in January.

The €150 seasonal pass is personal and entitles the holder to take part in three courses of their choice during the school year. Short courses, basic education in art and music schools (piano, violin, flute), solo singing, material costs and the porcelain firing fee are not included in the seasonal pass.

A discount of 25% of the course payments is granted to students of secondary or upper education. This discount does not apply to basic education in art, short courses or performing groups (such as choirs and acting groups). Remember to state your student position during registration.

Discounts will not be granted for courses that have been invoiced.

The Ministry of Education and Culture has granted the Kalajoki Adult Education Centre a subsidy to be allocated to the course payments of training offered to immigrants, unemployed people, senior citizens and pensioners. The study voucher subsidy is worth €18. It is only granted for one course and it will be given to the customer as a discount for their course payment. The study voucher subsidy is granted for courses worth at least €48. The study voucher subsidy cannot be applied for basic education in arts, piano or violin school, porcelain firing or material charges, or for fees of performing groups (choirs and acting groups) or solo singing lessons. Certifications The students of basic education in art will receive certifications at the end of their studies. Other student certifications are available on request, if the student has participated in at least 75% of the lessons.

Student insurance

The students of Kalajoki Adult Education Centre are covered by the City of Kalajoki’s insurance. The Kalajoki Adult Education Centre will reserve the right to make changes.

Registers maintained by the Centre

The Kalajoki Adult Education Centre maintains a student register on the grounds of customer relationships. The regulations in the Personal Data Act (1999/523) are followed for maintaining the register. The register is maintained for statistical purposes. The personal data in the register will not be disclosed to third parties.

Registration in the Adult Education Centre

Advance registration through the Adult Education Centre’s website is required for all the courses.

Contact details

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