What's it like to study in Kalajoki?

In addition to secondary education, it is easy to take steps towards independent living in Kalajoki. Jobs and housing are available and there is plenty to do in your free time!

See students’ experiences of studying in Kalajoki!

Secondary schools in Kalajoki

Kalajoki upper secondary school
Location: Pohjankyläntie 6, Kalajoki

Student activities

The Student union is involved in the development of the school and makes the students’ voice heard.

To apply

Applications to Kalajoki upper secondary school are made through the Studyinfo site in the spring joint application.

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Kalajoki Upper Secondary School


  • You can choose up to 28 credits of fine arts studies


    A strong mix of traditional visual arts, drawing, painting and sculpture of your own choice


    Applied studies in architecture and architecture, theatre design and set design, photography and film


    At the end of your studies, you can take a national diploma in fine arts or your own final project on an optional subject.

  • In the sports line, students can choose 30 credits of specialised studies in physical education and sports coaching, which count as electives towards the 150 credits required for the final certificate.



    In addition to sport coaching, studies in coaching theory, exercise technology (testing), holistic recovery, mental training, exercise physiology and muscle care (10 credits) for athletes of all sports.



  • For certain sports, the school offers weekly training times, training venues and coaching in cooperation with Kalajoki Academy and sports clubs. The sports include ice hockey, football, volleyball, floorball, horse riding and individual endurance, power and skill sports. 

  • In addition to courses taught in Finnish, you can also choose courses taught in English. This will strengthen and encourage your everyday use of English and you will learn to work on international topics using English fluently in different situations. 
  • You will get to participate in Kalajoki Upper Secondary School's active international activities and student exchanges.
  • You can choose French, German or other languages via eLukio as additional languages.
  • If your goal is to complete the IS Diploma, you will complete at least eight (8) credits of the following studies:
    • French, German or language studies taught in distance general upper secondary school
    • One advanced Swedish course
    •  One course on international topics (language of instruction is Finnish)

Vocational Education Centre JEDU, Kalajoki branch
Location: Opintie 2, Kalajoki 

Student activities

Through the students' union, Jeduskunta, students can participate and influence the school's activities and development. In addition, the Jeduskunta organises various events and supports students in the school environment.

To apply

Comprehensive school and upper secondary school graduates can apply to JEDU through the Studyinfo site. In addition, JEDU has a continuous application process, i.e. you can apply for all basic, vocational and specialised qualifications, parts of qualifications and preparatory training throughout the year. You can apply for training through the continuous application procedure on the JEDU website, on the presentation page of each qualification.

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Vocational Education Centre JEDU


  • Machinist, mechanical fitter, plater-welder
  • Tourism service provider, receptionist, travel expert
  • Carpenter (vocational qualification in woodworking)
  • Builder
  • Artisan (interior design, carpentry)
  • Soft furnishings sewer, clothing sewer  

  • Professional qualification in tourism services
  • Professional qualification in woodworking
  • Further qualification in arts and crafts
  • Professional qualification in building construction
  • Further qualification in production engineering

  • Preparatory education for vocational education and training (TUVA)

Kalajoki Christian College
Location: Kasarmintie 2, Kalajoki

Student activities

The Kipinä student group is the Christian College’s equivalent for a student committee. In addition, the dormitory committee and the youth secretary organise various joint activities for students in the evenings and at weekends.

To apply

The application process varies from one line of study to another.

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Kalajoki Christian College


  • Vocational qualification in education and counselling, Child counsellor
  • Vocational qualification in education and guidance, youth and community counsellor

  • Professional qualification in education and guidance, family day care worker
  • Professional qualification in education and guidance, school and after-school instructor
  • Professional qualification in cleaning and property services, home care worker
  • Professional qualification in disability, personal assistant
  • Professional qualification in the field of disability, counsellor in the field of intellectual disability

  • Adult basic education
  • Preparatory education for vocational education and training, TUVA

  • A lifelong learner - a year of community college for school leavers
  • On your own wings towards adulthood - special line for people with intellectual disabilities
  • On my own strengths - a year of community college for students with intellectual disabilities
  • In Finland - Finnish language and culture studies for immigrants
  • Short courses

A break from studying - free time in Kalajoki

Kalajoki's maritime environment and services offer a huge variety of leisure activities in the fields of art, culture and sport. It's easy to work up a sweat in the gym or go to the cinema with friends. The seaside landscape and the tourist centre with its services in the Hiekkasärkät area give you a holiday feeling in the middle of everyday life. A little respite in nature also makes studying easier.

Moving away from home

A shared flat with a friend or a cosy studio apartment near school? In Kalajoki, you can find accommodation in both dormitories owned by educational institutions and rental apartments. School staff will help and guide you in finding a new home.

Kalajoki Rental Apartments

Student dormitories in Kalajoki

JEDU has two dormitories, one located right in the school yard and one for over 18-year-olds in Lankilantie. The dormitory Toivola of the Christian College of Kalajoki is located on the bank of the river Kalajoki, in a beautiful river landscape. Kalajoki Upper Secondary School students can also apply for the dormitories. The dormitories are within easy walking distance of the school and the city centre. In Kalajoki, all services are close by, making it easy to get around on foot or by bike.

Students from different fields have gathered together

Student support services in Kalajoki

In every school in Kalajoki, the well-being of students is a priority. The schools have a strong sense of community and care for each other. Teachers and other staff quickly become familiar. This lowers the threshold for seeking help and support. Guidance counsellors are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your studies. Nurses and curators are always on hand to talk you through other aspects of your life.