Invoices addressed to the city

Our business ID is 0185924-7.

E-invoice EDI code and address.

organization e-invoice address
EDI code: 003701859247
Our e-voice operator: CGI Suomi Oy
Operator code: 003703575029

We request that you check that our contact information is correct when sending invoices.

Supplier portal

The City of Kalajoki is offering its business and private individual suppliers who cannot send their invoices electronically a free, web-based supplier portal. The supplier portal is an electronic invoicing channel that can be used to send e-invoices to the City of Kalajoki.

You can send invoicing invite requests to The invoicing invite request must state the following information on businesses: company name, business ID and contact person as well as an e-mail address where the company wishes to receive their invoicing invite. Private individuals must provide their name and e-mail address. After this, you will receive a user ID and password from to the e-mail address you specified in the request.

Link to the supplier portal

The invoices must absolutely include the office or service area of the customer ordering the goods or service and the name of the customer as a reference.

Invoices sent by the city

The City of Kalajoki provides electronic sales invoices. The e-invoice is a secure, easy and environmentally friendly invoice. All invoices of the City of Kalajoki can be received as e-invoices, with the exception of invoicing for dental care services.

Private individuals can sign an e-invoice agreement in their online bank. To prepare the agreement, you will need the reference number on the invoice sent by the City of Kalajoki. This way, you will be able to receive all invoices from the City of Kalajoki as e-invoices. If a customer does not have access to e-invoicing or has not signed a direct payment agreement, invoices will be sent by mail.

In addition to being paid online, invoices from the City of Kalajoki can also be paid at the city’s Main Library and the Himanka joint service point.


Companies that receive invoices via their own financial management system can inform the City of Kalajoki of their e-invoicing address and operator by e-mailing

Direct payments

The option of direct payments is provided to customers who do not have access to online banking. You can use direct payments after signing a direct payment agreement in your bank. You will then receive a notification of the date and amount of the direct payment by mail. The amount payable is charged from your account automatically.

You have the right to participate in and influence the city’s decision-making and operations in various ways. You can give us direct feedback or influence through more official channels. The most important thing is that you do participate and influence!

The City of Kalajoki aims to provide a comfortable living environment with excellent opportunities for entrepreneurship, work and a good life as well as a wide range of services. You can also help us achieve these goals and contribute to the city’s future by participating in taking care of common matters and making yourself heard. Pick your own influencing channel and tell us your opinion.


You can send feedback or questions to the city and its employees either by using the electronic feedback form or by contacting the city’s employees or elected officials directly. Every webpage includes a link to the form. You can use the form to send us questions, let us know of any faults or ideas for development, or thank us for our operations. The feedback will be forwarded, based on the subject, directly to the persons in charge of the services in question.

We request that you submit your feedback in Finnish or English. Replying to feedback submitted in other languages will take longer due to the need for translation.

You can find the contact information of the city’s personnel at each service’s own page or by using the personnel search.

News, announcements and newsletters

Check the news section on the city’s website to see the latest press releases, news and announcements. Most of the news and announcements are only available in Finnish, but some press releases will also be translated.

You can also receive news by subscribing to RSS feeds. Official announcements are used to provide information on town planning projects, construction permits granted, approved fees, meetings of the City Council, street plans and hearings.

Some services also use newsletters. You can subscribe to the newsletters of different themes on each service’s own web page.

Citizen initiative

In accordance with the Local Government Act, residents of the municipality have the right to submit initiatives to the municipality in regards to its operations. The initiatives must pertain to common matters, which is why inquiries or personal applications and petitions cannot be submitted as initiatives.

Keep yourself informed of the city’s decisions

You can find out more about the municipality’s decision-making process by reading meeting agendas and minutes. The agendas and appendices for meetings of the City Council, City Board and committees are made available on the city’s website before the meetings. These documents are only published in Finnish.

Meetings of the City Council are for the most part public, and anyone interested in the municipal decision-making process can observe them live. The City Council’s session hall is located at the City Hall and broadcasted online. Meetings of the City Council are usually held once a month on the last Tuesday of the month. The meetings are announced in the local paper and the city’s website.

Appealing decisions

In accordance with the Local Government Act, you have the right to appeal a decision made by organs of the city. You can do so by filing a written appeal, municipal complaint or administrative complaint.

Youth Council

Kalajoki has a Youth Council. The Youth Council is a politically neutral group that serves as a link between young people and the decision makers. The Youth Council comprises students in secondary and upper secondary school. At any one time, the Youth Council has 10 – 15 members. Representatives are chosen from among these members for the Social Protection, Technical and Education Committees, which the representatives have the right to attend and speak in.


Voting is a basic right of all citizens of age and one of the most important ways to influence decision-making. The following national general elections are held in Finland:

  • parliamentary elections every four years
  • municipal elections every four years
  • presidential elections every six years
  • European Parliament elections every five years

The right to vote in municipal elections is granted to every individual who turns 18 no later than on the date of the election and who is:

  1. a citizen of Finland, some other EU Member State, Iceland or Norway and who is domiciled in the municipality in question on the 51st day preceding the election day; or
  2. a citizen of another country who is domiciled in the municipality in question on the 51st day preceding the election day and who has been domiciled in a Finnish municipality without interruption for two years prior to the 51st day preceding the election day; or
  3. in the service of EU or an international organisation operating in Finland and who has a residence in the municipality in question on the 51st day preceding the election day, provided that the individual’s information is saved in the Finnish Population Information System as per his or her request and that the individual has submitted a written notification to the local register office regarding his or her wish to exercise his or her right to vote in the municipal elections no later than on the 52nd day preceding the election day.

For more information on elections, visit the elections website of the Ministry of Justice at

The general election arrangements in the city of Kalajoki are handled by the Central Election Committee.

The central archive of the City of Kalajoki are located at the City Hall. The central archive receives and stores documents that are to be retained for a long time or permanently, such as minutes of meetings.

The central archive contains the archives of the municipality of Rautio and patient archives of Kalajoki Hospital, among other things. 

Responsibilities of records and archives management

  • ensuring the availability and preservation of records
  • providing information services related to documents
  • determining the archival value of records
  • disposal of unnecessary materials

The archive’s information services serve residents of the municipality, the city’s personnel, researchers, companies, communities and other customers.

The publicity and use of the documents is limited by the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, Personal Data Act and some other special laws. The guidelines for handling public documents are followed in the use of the documents.