Building supervision

The duty of Building Supervision is to, on its part, ensure that the built environment is healthy and safe and has high scenic value. Building Supervision monitors that zoning plans and construction regulations are followed and gives advice and guidance for construction. Building Supervision also processes permits related to construction.

Building Supervision is part of the service area of environmental guidance. The Environmental Committee guides the operations and finances of Building Supervision.

Advance guidance and advice by Building Supervision

The Kalajoki Building Supervision highlights the importance of advance guidance of a construction project. First and foremost, Building Supervision strives to ensure that the construction project’s initiator and the planning officer contact the Building Supervision as early on as possible.

Advance guidance allows us to review the relevant key questions related to the project’s planning and permit procedure as early on as needed. Through guidance, advice and reviews of preliminary plans, we can ensure that the permit application and its appendices are as complete as possible, that the plans follow the zoning plans and regulations, and that the building to be constructed is well suited to its surroundings.

By asking advice in advance, you can ensure that the planning officers working with the construction project are fully qualified to it early on during the project planning. As the party initiating the construction project, you will benefit from not having the plans drawn up by someone without the adequate qualifications or competence. As the permit authority, we make sure that the project has planning officers that can meet the project’s requirements.

Advance advice and guidance through online appointment booking system

The online appointment booking system of Building Supervision (only available in Finnish) allows you to book an appointment at our office.

  • The Building Inspector will give you advance guidance and advice as the construction project progresses and will advise you in using the Lupapiste permit service.
  • The Permit Secretary will help you with and advise you in using the Lupapiste permit service.