Early childhood education

Early childhood education comprises systematic and goal-oriented activity that promotes children’s growth, development and learning.

The purpose of early childhood education is to support parents in their parenting role while also supporting the upbringing of the child. Spontaneous play plays a key role in early childhood education.

Early childhood services organise day care for children as part of the municipality’s own operations at day care centres, group family day care homes and family day care, in addition to granting service vouchers for private day care units.

Early childhood education and basic education organised by the municipality form a seamless and functional continuum. Pre-school education is closely linked to early childhood education and the first two years of basic education.

Day care vacancies for the term of operation that starts in August must be applied for in writing in March. Day care can be applied for year-round, in which case the application must be submitted four (4) months prior to the desired starting date of day care.

If the need for day care services is due to sudden employment or enrolment in an educational institution, day care services must be applied for immediately. In sudden situations, arrangements can be made in two weeks.

Please contact the Early childhood education services for applying.

Day care services for children are subject to a monthly fee. Day care fees are invoiced as a percentage of the family’s gross income.  The monthly fee is determined based on family size as a percentage of the gross income that exceeds the minimum income threshold.

Family size is considered to include married individuals living in the same household or individuals living together under marriage-like conditions as well as any children living with them in the same household. The income taken into account comprises all earned and capital income and tax-free income of individuals who are married or living together under marriage-like conditions.

Families must submit their income statement by the 8th day of the month following the start of the day care services so that the day care fee can be confirmed. If a family does not submit an income statement, the maximum day care fee prescribed by law is charged.

For more information on fees, please contact the Early childhood education services.

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